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November 28, 2007


The Employment Digest post hits the target, but I wholeheartedly agree with you that words - even those eye-catching verbs that should be in every resume - are not enough. You need to quantify wherever you can, but in many cases, dropping in numbers may be tough to accomplish if you're not sure of the impact your work had on efficiency, productivity, revenue growth, or market share.

What to do? Keep a running "work diary" of your roles, and find a way to gauge the impact of each role. If it's hard to attach a number, talk with a colleague who might keep better tabs so that, when you want to update your resume, you don't have to struggle to piece together the complete story.

Great idea, Rick! I've found that writing case studies on your projects is also a great way of forcing yourself to quantify results, and if you can get your boss to include those as part of your regular job responsibilities, so much the better!

Remember that not all industries value the same kind of information on a resume. When looking for an I.T. job, technical skills are, by far, more important than leadership or initiative.

Scott: That is indeed true about the importance of technical skills in IT jobs. May I also add that in many IT jobs, especially in corporate IT organizations, communication skills are just as important - if not more - to keep the IT systems running and for gathering end-user requirements for application development.

Just wanted to jump in and thank everyone for the great discussion on this topic. It's important to note that resume requirements vary by industry, which is why I always recommend that people obtain several sample resumes from their field before attempting to craft their own.

A resume is an enticing story document emphasizing accomplishments, providing the reader with a snap shot of you. It should knock them dead!

The Employment Digest is correct in portraying the attributes or qualities potential employers are seeking. However, they are also looking for performers, people who consistently excel.

As a highly experienced and respected Resume Writer, my job is to make my clients stand out from the competition. Accomplishments speak volumes about a person. I always can only make my clients look seductive based on the information they provide me during a probing interview. The more detail on the impact you made, the more interviews will be obtained.

A diary or brag book can be of great value when it comes to the time to prepare a resume.

Great discussion about resumes and how to improve them. I discuss resumes on my blog - Check it out when you get a chance!


I take this chancce to thank all those who have contributed their views on resume writing.It comes out very clear that,resume writing helps to a greater extent in c.v writing.Keep on e-trainig

Fantastic Article and discussion. Really helpful. I have been following this for some days now and found it very good. Great Job

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