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April 30, 2009


Hi Alexandra! Thanks for the great review. I keep seeing her book mentioned and commented about on twitter and FB and I've got it on my list to read.

I think I'll move it up on the list and try and get a hold of it this weekend.


Kris Plantrich

After reading this and the Tax Trial article I think the US IRS needs to lighten up a little on free enterprise as the more small operators that start up and create jobs the sooner the US will bounce back.

Remember it's the big corporations (not all of them) and the banks that got the US into the mess it's in. This disease is not only contained to the US but global.

@John: I TOTALLY agree.

@Kris: So glad you're going to pick up the book. It really is an excellent read.

Alexandra, hello! Thanks for the great review.

@Bob: You're very welcome. :)

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