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May 28, 2009


Dear Ms. Levit,

Just browsed this posting on my Google Reader and will probably bookmark this to my account. I have been browsing through books and blogs on networking and many heartily recommend writing a book. I don't believe that I have the knowledge or experience for writing a book, but this definitely is a goal for the future. I think I heard someone say/post/write: "There's a book in everyone," or something to that effect.

I will definitely add this book to my "To Read" list. Thank you for the recommendation. I also appreciated the previous posting on online writing.


P.S. Thanks for sharing the practical steps you are planning on taking, or thinking about taking, as a result of the book. For me, I find that it's easy to read a book and say it's great. Then I put the book down and do the same thing that I've been doing. It's great to see that you are doing something about what you have been reading. This helps readers like me a lot.


@Colin: Thanks so much for your thoughts. It's true that I don't take something actionable out of every book that I read (or review, for that matter), but I really think there is a lot to be learned from Sophronia here.

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