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May 21, 2009


I'm always pointing out people's faults and somehow it hasn't caught on. What am I doing wrong?
(Everybody knows I'm right).

Critically processing through the different angles on a subject can be informative and spur dialog. So, I'm all for taking a devil's advocate approach to an issue. But, that's quite different than just going "Jerry Springer" on a given topic

So, there's a range associated with controversy, and the key would be finding the sweet spot on that continuum, if there is such a thing.

I will say this, the idea of "tactful controversy" has some power. That's an unusual pairing of words that one doesn't see very often In fact, I just goggled it only to find that it only appears on "sites of dubious distinction."

"Authentic", "Tactful", "Classy", "Balanced & Fair"... just doesn't sound so controversial. That's the challenge...I suppose. Unfortunately, some in this world...maybe even many in this world...see an authentic, tactful, classy, balance & fair approach as a sign that one is a milquetoast.

Without finding that sweet-spot, those who "court controversy" can be perceived as little more than "shock-jocks." They can be fun to listen to for a minute. Then we move on. After all, what is the purpose driving the activity? Is that purpose congruent with our own? If not, why would we pursue any further? Maybe we just need to feel like a vandal for a moment.

In reply to your last question, I choose "B"; "...loyal group of followers with you for the long haul." I accept the risk of being perceived as a
"milquetoast" so that I might "be the change." So be it.

Controversy still sells but it has to be relevant to the environment

@Animal: Oh, I don't know, I think it's working for you just fine! You're not unduly controversial anyway, you're just unique in how you choose to express your opinions.

@Gary: Tactful controversy - very interesting. I'm going to sleep on that one.

@Jim: Milquetoast is my word of the day.

@Yinka: True, very true. Thanks for the comments!

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