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June 02, 2011


It is very smlipe much like doing any kind of programming Marketing is one of those things where you continue to pitch the same thing that was popular and brought in business.Our slogan is that We're smarter We say that and it makes our competition look stupid. Does that mean that they are? No. It means that we have a long road to travel and we are going to be smart about it.Another stupid thing that companies do small and big is Restructure if they were working smarter and allowing their business grow virally, they would allow the most productive piece of their business to grow, and allow the less profitable or dying piece of the business to die. Plain and smlipe we are a generation of change we embrace and live for it don't drum beat it. But the problem is that a large majority of your CEO's are white haired Baby Boomers who do not have a clue.Like I tell my wife pull over and let me drive. CEO's It may be time to pull the car over and let us drive a bit.

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