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November 03, 2011


I knew Zappos offered trainees money to leave (which is so priceless) - but what I love more is that they talk to receptionists and shuttle drivers. THIS is key. How do these candidates behave when they're not in the spotlight? (Or at least they don't know they are.) Great idea.

@Mary: I think it's a great idea as well. It's a major red flag if a candidate isn't respectful to everyone she/he comes in contact with.

I heard Zuckerman and the set of twins that were suing him this moring on the Today Show. Did you hear about it? The twins have already won 65 milllion from Zuckerman but do not think that is enough. What do you think about it? They are going after more because they feel they were groosly mislead on the future of facebook and all that it represented. Here is a young man worth 4 Billion dollars and they are dissatisfied with their settlement. Just curious to see what you think about the story.I am infatuated with your idea of the culture . I also believe that your culture will help define your company and all that goes with it. Keep it coming; you have an avid reader.

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