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December 19, 2011


If you're feeling gloomy at work, or as a jobseeker and the days ahead are filled with dread, make a list of all your key achievements and attributes over the years. Remind yourself that you are worthy, have much to offer. It's just a state of mind and however bad it is, it's temporary. Things don't stay the same forever even when you question: "will things ever get better?" Yes, they will. Once you force yourself to think more positively, the world no longer feels so bleak. I bet there's one small action you could take which would change your whole attitude in a heartbeat. Never give up or give in...

@Natalie: Great suggestion. Far too often we forget about our successes in a moment while ruminating far too long on our setbacks. We need to constantly remind ourselves that things always turn around, even if it takes a little time.

How many instances do we lose our temper and
become angry? Or become sad? This number can be
rather high as per the current problems on the planet.
With this statistics it is rather worrying as
becoming happy does not only affect the people around us but also affects sour standard
health status, It has been scientifically proven that being
happy lowers your chance of getting sick and vice versa.
For this one or more reason people often look for ways to be happy but most typically end up making the wrong options.
Let's sample a few ways that we can use to be joyous.

First you need to look at life from a more positive angle. We often spend a lot of time complaining how Small we have or how hard life is but forget to consider the beautiful side of life and be more joyous.

Food has also been proven to greatly affect our degree of happiness. For this case you ought to eat nutritious meals, at appropriate amounts and at an appropriate frequency to be happy. Eating way Small food or overeating will only make us unhealthy and balanced and increase our chances of becoming sick.

You must also learn to forgive and forget. As much as this is normally challenging getting things off our chests relieves us mentally and tends to make our coronary heart lighter.

often take part often, in things that you like whether it is watching films, enjoying video games, singing or listening to music, dancing etc. This will often appropriate your mood. You can also try out new exciting things like using up music classes learning to play a double bass, sewing classes etc. This will constantly keep your mind occupied on more positive things.

As your friends commonly affect how happy you will be. You can make more contact with your friends and spend Small more time with them sharing occasions this will surely make you be glad. You ought to also be more welcoming and accommodative and hence be able to make new friends.

taking journeys and holidays constantly relax one's mind and make you happier you however don't necessarily need to take long journeys on far away destinations but they can be short visits to intriguing places like picnic sites ,zoos museums etc.

Give to charity and charity will give back to you. By helping out to charity no matter the form commonly make one feel cheerful as having done something right for someone else or for the good of other people.

often plan your schedule well in advance. It has been shown that the more people have their things done in time the happier they are. planning ahead of time will also ensure that you have adequate time to spend with family friends and thus be happy.

constantly have enough sleep each and each day of the week. being deprived of sleep will affect your overall happiness and comfort stages. A person with a fresh brain has a greater chance of being happy as compared to one with a tired and clogged one. Laughing a lot helps make you happier .You can attend a number of comedies or just watch funny movies and clips they will make you happier.

What we must all finally recognize is that we make a decision whether to be happy or not. Deciding to be glad is determined by our own selves so it will be necessary that we let go and be open and ready to be happy.

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