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December 29, 2011


A good idea, and great skills won't go very far without passion, and passion without a good plan or skills also won't go very far. The thing that I discovered is that skills and ideas can be developed, passion for your niche work can't.

Following a passion adds the meaning many people look for in their lives. Viktor Frankl, a psychotherapist who experienced Nazi concentration camps, talked about this. We recently wrote about him, and a few other tips to help employees live a meaningful life. - Erich


I most heartly agree, it is well worth the time to analyze one's passions.

Until I enlisted the assistance of a personal business coach and took The Passion Test, my career was going in circles. I cannot stress enough the need to operate from what one is passionate about for satisfaction and fulfillment to be achieved.

I believe that we are all put here by a higher power (what ever you believe in) to contribute something. Our major task is to find that something and let our passions guide us to our destiny.

In clarity and success,


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