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March 19, 2012


Hi Alexandra,

Your site provides tools and expertise to help career-driven readers; we at FindTheBest have a large amount of tools that we think we can integrate into your site for your readers' enjoyment and to provide fresh, engaging resources.
• Quick Background on FindTheBest - FindTheBest is an unbiased comparison engine founded by Kevin O'Connor (founder and former CEO of DoubleClick) and backed by Kleiner Perkins with ~10M unique visitors per month. Consolidate the vast oceans of information found on the internet into our platform to provide users with a trusted, market-free source of comparisons to assist them in difficult decisions.
• Content Integration Partnership We have are currently working with large online publishers including Golf Digest, Huffington Post, Under30CEO, and offer a variety of options to integrate our reliable and engaging content into sites.
Especially after looking at the provided resources on your site, I would like to set up a quick call to discuss similar partnership ideas.

Could you suggest a few windows of time you have in your schedule and we can coordinate a brief conversation?


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