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April 02, 2012


It is clear that it is important to be reliable and to meet the expectation of your boss, your clients, or your co-workers. Under-promising and over-delivering may be a valuable tactic in meeting and exceeding the expectations of all stakeholders, thus portraying you in a positive light.

Fortunately for both the boss and the employee, having a good track record of being dependable when representing your company and your employer, as well as your boss and related employees... is the true test dependability can be measured by!

@Sandra: Underpromising is tricky. Got any tips?

@Heather: Yes. It takes a while to build a track record, but once you earn that trust, it's invaluable!

You can find additional career advice here: Why should you go there? Because I am an HR professional with almost 9 years experience in the field – I welcome questions and answer them online. Regards, Geo.

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