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April 19, 2012


I agree on this post, sometime business owners think it will improve their business but the truth is you just pay so much with a little return in your profit.

@Jim: Definitely what I hear anecdotally - hence the reason for the post!

From a business perspective, it would be difficult to turn down a superstar though. Someone with a proven track record of success should ideally be what everyone is looking to hire. This means that even if they flame out a huge percentage of the time there will still be a draw to them.

The key that I take from this article is that everyone should strive to be the superstar. They made their millions and moved on. Things didn't work out for the business/team, but that's okay because they're sitting on their stacks of cash figuring out the next move.

@James: You're right. It will always help you to be the superstar no matter what the outcome.

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