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January 14, 2016


Hi Editor!

My name is Dyeseka and I’m working for the team behind Open Colleges. How are you? Trust everything is well on your end. I saw your page and you have wonderfully curated content on your site by the way! I was wondering if there’s a possibility for us to help each other out?

While browsing your website, I noticed it linked to several resources on employer branding, and wondered if you'd be open to include our website on the resources page? It's basically tips on how to have a winning entry.

I’m open to any ideas or questions you may have and I will make sure to get this up for discussion. Love to hear back from you!

Kind Regards,

Dyeseka Budac
Outreach Specialist, Open Colleges AU
Twitter: @OpenCollegesAU

Thanks for the great post!Social Media plays a vital role in the recruitment process.It is cost effective, fastest and the best method of recruitment.

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