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July 16, 2008


Great info and tips - but, those in need of money don't want to hear - save money - buy this - save money - buy that. That in fact is spending money.

Instead -
Reduce your plans - cut back your cell minutes or get rid of all together.
Cut back you internet/tv/voip plan - or eliminate.
Cut your driving - gas usage.
Carpool - I am now driving to work one day a week with 4 passengers - the other 4 days each of them takes a turn. Where I used to fill up once every 5 days - I fill up once or less per month.!
Clip coupons.
Turn off the lights earlier.
Unplug unused appliances - tv's vcr's etc. up to 20% of your elec. usage is from sleep mode applicances.
Plant a garden (this does require the purchase of a few packets of seeds and some hard work.)
Vacation very close to home or at home.
Use Yahoo! Freecycle - get things for free.
many more things can be done - but don't sit around looking for a handout - do it yourself and don't spend ANY money in order to save money.
First cut back - then upgrade to CFLs and the like.

A valid point, Mark. Thanks for the additional tips, especially the one on Yahoo! Freecycle, I'd never heard of it before!

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