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April 13, 2009


Great Post. Where were you when I almost got divorced after getting promoted to VP? I will share to my crew of people. Started my own company to build an environment where people can live to their own personal and professional aspirations.

Thanks for the valuable insight

My sculpture teacher used to love to say to people "There'll always be somebody better and somebody worse than you. So what does it matter?" This definitely applies to more that just art. It's about doing what you do in each moment, without judgement or comparison. You are perfect at every step.


Thanks for the reminder! It is hard to minimize external comparisons, they are so easy to make and allows you to avoid answering the age old question "what is success?".

Your answer to the question makes a lot of sense; yet I still struggle to answer it.

@Scott: I'm glad you almost got divorced, but didn't get divorced. :)

@Daniel: I like the art comparison, it crystallizes the meaning. Thanks!

@Chris: I struggle too, no doubt about it. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

So true. And on a related note, when we compare ourselves to others, we typically aren't comparing ourselves to reality. We're comparing ourselves to our idealized version of what we think we see.

We often don't have the full story. For example, we see people's ultra-success, but don't see the warts-n-all reality behind the scenes. We don't see the bumps and bruises they've had along the way, or we don't see the fact that behind the face of public success lies a personal life in shambles.

So we end up comparing ourselves to a one-dimensional caricature, and then wonder why we come up short.

@Curt: Brilliant comment, thank you so much. In fact, your thoughts make me want to write a follow up, because the grass IS always greener on the other side. That's a cliche for a reason.

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