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June 15, 2009


What a great idea! Having testimonials to show a future employer is always ideal, but it's hard for employees to pull good ones out of a performance review. This ensures that a person's recommendation is written and posted in context.

Sounds to me like we're moving back to authentic networking again. Only one step more to face-to-face recommendations. Historically, that has been the modus operandi for jobs.

@Dan: But what about the fact that this allows you to read references electronically, rather than call someone on the phone? It seems to me that we're moving in the opposite direction (not that it really matters all that much at this stage of the screening process).

@Charlotte: Great point. It's always a good idea for performance to be documented.

Recommendation idea is really good! Though I believe in assessment tests too. You know our clients have actually saved their time and appreciate the whole screening procedure. To know what our clients say about us:

@Jennifer: Great to be aware of your firm as a resource. People are always asking me, so thank you!

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