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September 17, 2009


>I maintain my position that you shouldn’t post anything on Facebook that you wouldn’t want your grandmother or religious officiant to see.

While I think this is a generally good idea, I am concerned that it takes Facebook and turns it into linkedin. If current politics is bleeding into the corporate world, we will all soon have to be not only what we say/post on Facebook, but be scrutinized by who we have as Friends and what they do.

@Will: I have definitely heard the argument that you will be evaluated based on who your Facebook friends are. But in reality, it seems to me that if your friends aren't posting inappropriate photos or comments on your page, no one is going to take the time to seek them out and find out what they're doing, and then making the effort to figure out if it should reflect badly on them.

Hi Kelli,After three years on FB, I quit completely 6 htonms ago. I was on it all day, checking for updates and I became disillusioned by the waste of time and the negative or ridiculous posts. I was thinking all my thoughts in the form of status updates and was having random dreams about FB people. I felt like I needed to create more space in my brain. I also started looking at the people in my life who are not on FB, and how they function just fine. I also started realizing how the site was sucking the life out of me, energetically and spiritually. Just recently I signed back on and thought I would just do a business page, but I quickly deactivated again. It's not for me. I can't just let it be, I have to check the updates all day. I don't want to live my life addicted to FB.I have noticed that since I quit in April 2010, my business has been busier and I feel so much better. I applaud those who can use it as a tool and who enjoy it, and I accept that fact that I swim against the stream and cannot participate, for my own mental health. Thanks for letting me express my thoughts.Be well,Allison

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