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December 02, 2009


i'll be sure to bookmark your blog


Was just speaking at a conference where the most attended sessions were Social Media and how to "manage" it.

The future is here!

Hmm,I'm sure I have read this kind of thing before. The internet and modern technology will enable people to work flexibly from any location. However, there will still be factories, offices, high street shops that have to be staffed by people who have to be there at a fixed time to do a manual job face to face with other people.

@Steve: Hope it was a great conference. Which one was it?

@Limo: Thanks for that!

@David: True, but I think those jobs will decrease. They will encompass a smaller percentage of the overall workforce. Thanks for commenting!


I think all 5 of your predictions are dead on but I think #1 more than anything. At this moment people are biding their time at jobs that pay the bills. When everything stabilizes we will see more start-up and passion entrepreneurs.

And your new book will be THE book everyone talks about in 2010,

Assuming the economy improves, MY predictions:

1. Employees will jump ship to better opportunities at the first chance

2. Employees with skills in demand will leverage those skills to demand higher salaries

3. The mentality among employees and unemployed alike will be mercenary. Think Jesse Ventura in the movie PREDATOR when he uncovers "Ol' Painless" and snarls "Payback time!"

@GL: From your mouth to God's ears. :) Thanks for the support!

@David: Love the Predator analogy. Gave me a good visual this morning!

@Jenn: It's going to be a wild ride!


A little slow on the response--it was the Corporate University conference. Participants all headed up CUs for large organizations.

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