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December 07, 2009


Two hours a day??? I would never get anything done if I wasted so much time on social media...and then when would I see my friends? Or go have a cocktail? Or eat?

Good discussion to have. I look at it a little bit differently. Time needs to be spent in three key areas:

1) building your social network - choosing who you want to connect with,

2) discovering content-to make you more knowledgeable and informed and to share with your social network and,

3) creating original content - to position you and/or your company as a thought leader and worth the readers time to consider buying something from you.

The other thing you should do is look for ways to connect physically with your social network. This usually means social meetups liked Tweetups, Linkedin events etc.

I can see you are an articulate professional in your field. I have built a web resource for people to roll out a copy of their resume in a functional format.

I am tiptoeing my way in social media trying to get the ball rolling. There is a fine balance between being invited into a blog conversation and being rejected as s spammer who is only interested in sprinkling a link wherever possible.

Writing comes naturally to me and I have posted some 20 articles on EzineArticles so far but I am still lost in obscurity.

My next tack would be to offer free subscriptions to those who would be brave enough to try out my service and write a review.

I am looking for a role model of someone who has broken through this maze of Public Relations / Search Engine Optimization. There is a lot of spin around, a lot of self-appointed experts but not much verifiable results on display.

If you are able to get me connected to the right places I would endeavour to return the compliment in whichever way I can.

Thank you for reading this - have a great Christmas and a prosperous New Year.

Yes, two hours is a little ridiculous! Two hours a weekday is 10 hours a week. You could train for a marathon in that amount of time! I think a quick scan when you take a coffee break is good for reading other people's posts (does anyone else have to wade through a lot of Farmville posts lately? These must be the people spending 2 hours on social media!)

It also really depends what you do for a living. We forget that not everyone is tied to their computers all day and two hours may work well for the entrepreneur who controls his own schedule but not the corporate middle manager. There is also a difference with social media for the corporate middle manager building a brand and learning and the entrepreneur or business owner doing that PLUS using social media to sell.

@Natty: I can relate, and I think the business I'm in requires more time than some others.

@Chris: Great suggestions, especially the one about connecting physically. It makes all the difference.

@Bruno: Sounds great and we're happy to help. What's the link for your service?

@Laura: I use the same strategy, except I eat my lunch while scanning posts, and I rarely read anything in its entirety.

@Susan: You're absolutely right. I think some of us tend to get stuck (mind-wise) in the entrepreneurial bubble, and this simply isn't a reality for some. Great to see you here, by the way!

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