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January 21, 2010


This is a great post. We attract what we think about, so if we think we are "less than" we will attract people and circumstances that confirm it. If you think positively, you will achieve those results as well.

Thanks - Mike
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Whenever I use to have doubt I freeze & enact some avoidance of the issue & people; it really get more doubt & thing just get worst.

The methods from this post will definitely help.

I found declaring the doubt out loud really helps me (not just thinking about it). When saying it out loud really make the issue real and I find many of the doubt are only in my head.

For 'call on your cheerleader', Do you have any similar suggestion for Guys (who rarely chat about doubts)?

There's no place for self-doubt when changing careers or job searching.

Job Seekers should keep these self-doubt things in mind because there's no place for a lack of confidence during your job search.

Alexandra you really need to get rid of the last top or at least revise it. People shouldn't program their minds to see food as a reward, it will make them obese. You should read "the end of overeating" it's all about that.


I can't tell you how impactful this post was for me. It came at a time I really needed to be reminded that self-doubt is normal and how to work through it.

While I hate having self-doubt, I think in a weird way it's because I strive to be the best and to always do my best. I don't settle for good enough, but that means I question everything. A double edged sword.

Thank you for such a helpful post.

@Mike: Agreed. The self-fulfilling prophecy is alive and well.

@Ian: Excellent point - I think as a general rule men do have more difficulty talking about these things. Maybe you could talk to your significant other, or if you're not comfortable with that, re-read old performance reviews or examples of positive written feedback you've received in the past?

@Ken: I think it's okay to harbor the doubt internally, but you're right, it's not a good idea to let it show to potential employers. If you don't have confidence in yourself, they won't either.

@Eugene: Fair enough. Maybe if this wasn't my example I wouldn't always be struggling with my weight!

@Arden: Glad you found the post helpful. I agree that self-doubt can occasionally be a good tool to keep us on our toes, I think the negative emotions it brings forth tend to overshadow the benefits.

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