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January 28, 2010


Great advice. You're absolutely right about asking. It show your interested and that you take initiative. Also, what's the worse that can happen? They say no. You know to start looking for other opportunities.

Hi Alexandra! Very nice to meet you! Turns out Anita is a gold mine!

So much of the interview process is about minimizing risk. Hiring managers go through resumes and interviews to make sure the person they hire does not turn out to be a big waist or resources.

If during your time as a temp, you can demonstrate that you save them time and actually make their lives easier, then it a makes perfect sense that they would want to snatch you up, ASAP.

@Nathaniel: Exactly. If you don't ask, you don't get.

@Martha: I agree!

@DC: This is a great point. Hiring managers would much prefer to hire a known entity.

Pardon me if I sound a little sarcastic or condescending but "smiling and being friendly" isn't going to get you a full time job. Frankly I'm not surprised a CEO (Martha Finney) wants their temporary workers to treat their job like its permanent. Of course a CEO wants you to be dedicated, they're paying more money for you to be there than the other full time workers. And this other comment by Alexandra Levit, "make sure you've been doing a great job in the position" is crazy. If you're only there for a day or a week, with another co-worker constantly monitoring your progress, how much control can you have to show your employer what you're capable of doing for the company? (Of course, it depends a lot on what kind of job you have, but generally, the person who is monitoring you isn't the one who hired you.) Typically the other full time co-workers are watching you. Now here's how a temporary employee becomes a full time employee. 1) Show the employer the numbers. Show the employer that you can save the employer money by keeping you on full time. Your presence reduces overtime by the other workers. 2) Show the other co-workers that you fit in with them, that your personality matches theirs. Make the other co-workers your disciples. 3) Don't be a threat to your co-workers, don't show them up. TheWorkWiz can be found at I invite you to see my blog

Anita is a where it is at! Great advice however I would disagree with some points. Overall well thought out.

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