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May 13, 2010


Having seen you speak, I know you're good and these are great tips! I like the idea of interacting with your audience in advance - it makes it less scary that way.

Hi Alexandra,
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Your first point really resonates with me. I always feel like those speakers who can create a sense of audience interaction are the most effective. I know speaker who is extremely effective even though he speaks with a thick accent. I chalk this up to his ability to create interaction.

For me, audience interaction is an important factor too. People should know what their audience think about what they are presenting. For me, it is one of the most essential aspects in making a presentation.

@Big: Me too. I never realized how critical audience feedback is until I was recently up on a huge stage and couldn't see them. It was tough!

@DC: Wow. I'd be interested in hear him myself.

@Gavin: Sure, I'm happy to consider it. Feel free to e-mail your info to [email protected]. Thanks for reading.

@Rebecca: Your comment made my day. Thanks so much. What event did you attend?

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