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May 10, 2010


These tips are great, especially the one about enjoying your last days. I know I spend my last days driving 4 hours to DC, unloading belongings, then driving back. I did that four times during exams. My job started in less than a week, so while friends were out lunching or doing early happy hours, I had already begun thinking about my corporate life. While that is exciting in itself, there's going to be 40-50 years of that ahead. Enjoy college until the end.

Hi Alexandra,

I'm a writer for OnlineCollegeGuru and I'm emailing you about 2 career articles I recently put together: 9

safest entry-level military careers and 11 jobs for slackers. I think your readers might find one or both

articles interesting.

Could you take a look and if you like it, give them a plug on your blog?

Here's the 2 articles:

PS, I couldn't find your email/contact form, so I'm leaving you this comment. Feel free to delete this after

you read it.



This reminds me of my good old college days wherein i just did what all you mentioned in your post ..Preparing Resume, Interview Practicing, Fun @college :)

I like the idea of getting the most out of your college experience. If you spend some time each day planning for the future, then you don't need spend the day worrying about what is to come and you can enjoy the opportunities the day presents.

Thanks, Alex!

Great NRR OnPoint show yesterday on the dire job mkt for 2010 grads -- a real eye-opener. One of the key advantages that new grads have is zero fear of social media (compared to many corporations, who would love to have a new grad bring their mktg dept up to speed). I set up a new hashtag on Twitter: #2010mentor to see if a few of us "pre-2010" grads can help new grads. Sign me up for marketing!

@Su: Fantastic idea, let us know how it's working on on Twitter. Glad you liked the NPR show as well!

@Kristen: You're welcome, thank YOU!

@DC: This is a great, measured and reasonable approach. Fabulous advice as usual.

@Wise: Sometimes I wish I was back in college, and some days, not so much. :)

@Richard: Please send them to me via Twitter (@alevit). Thanks!

@Emily: That's okay, I did the same thing. I think it's natural for ambitious grads to want to get moving. But hopefully a reality check from those of us in the trenches will help them relax a little!



Great post as always;)

The Military Aways Has Jobs.

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