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July 16, 2010


Great points Alexandra! It's so easy to personalize someone's bad day or unresponsiveness. I've certainly wasted a lot of time worrying about an unreturned phone call or angry tone when in the end they often have nothing to do with me.

Good mantra.

I agree, great points. I think in the business world it is easy to take things personally when it is really just business. If your boss criticizes your work, it is easy to think he/she is criticizing YOU, but that is not the case. You never know what is going on in someone’s life outside of work. It is easy to forget that people have a whole other life outside of the workplace and like it or not people’s personal business sometimes appears in the office.

Alexandra, This is a terribly important issue for most of us in business--and in life. For example, growing always requires feedback, and when we're too sensitive to that feedback we can't grow. It can be tough, but we can't really learn any other way.

My brilliant protege often edits my material. He's not at all reticent with his red pen. Occasionally I show an article or blog he's shredded with his pen to a friend just to get their response. It's usually something close to shock. He can be ruthless, but god it's wonderful stuff from a Gen-Yer.

But I learned long ago that growth requires feedback and I need to accept it and deal with it. Gradually we can learn to ask for and deal constructively with feedback.

Of course it's not just feedback, but as you suggest, many situations at work and in life require a tough skin to work productively and grow.

@Arden: It's really comforting to know others are in the same boat, thanks for sharing your experience!

@Andrea: Glad you have the same outlook. I'm still working on mine!

@Dan: You mean this doesn't get easier as we grow older?

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