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October 14, 2010


October 20, 2010 - Dear Alexandra, I learned of you through the Cision database and liked reading the articles - in particular, the advice about dispensing with the resume cover letter. On that subject, you may get a kick, and some instruction, from our friends' "Cover Letters from Hell", a selection from the goofy job application letters they receive at their branding firm. The address is
Some readers of your blog may like to know of this business opportunity offered by a cllient of our public relations firm:
Byrne Transportation Services, LLC, Warrenville, IL, is a family-owned truck transportation broker seeking people who can be independent agents for the company. An independent agent can be located anywhere in the country. The person does not need experience in the trucking industry, though, of course, that will be an advantage. A person will have a phone and the drive to begin developing contacts with friends and clients who have occasional or steady need for the movement of something from one place to another. The net profit from the contract will be shared equally by the agent and Byrne Transportation Services, LLC. Byrne Transportation Services, LLC provides the software program and counseling a person will need while starting the business, one probably based in a home. The company can help with all kinds of shipments but one advantage for an agent can be the company's reputation for expertise with oversized, unusual items, what the company calls "big and ugly,", something such as a big piece of manufacturing equipment or, in one case, the transfer of a whole chemical plant from Canada to Mississippi. A recruiter who knows the company told us that someone enjoying modest success in this work will have an annual income of $75,000. John Byrne, the company's VP/COO, is the one to contact: his number is 630-530-6850 x 130. The website is Thanks.

@Tom: Thanks for the comment and website suggestion.

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