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February 14, 2011


I'm finally glad someone is taking a stand of advising young professionals to take advices from elders (often perceived as the powerful, respected, and even worshipped wisdom) with a serious grain of salt. Thanks Alex!

I agree Alexandra. There are new variables at work in the dynamic between a boomer and a gen y for example. Through their individual lens there is sometimes a disparate vision of the way one works and their definition of success.

Always best to trust that inner gut. Hard when one is just entering the workforce, but it's a brand new world out there and while I'm all for mentoring - I think it's much more important to trust your inner guidance.

There is an interesting conversation between friends of Job in the Book of Job (the Bible). The youngest friend of Job reprimanded the older ones for knowing too little about life.

@Balita: Yes! So much wisdom goes back to the Bible, doesn't it?

@Judy: I agree. Looking to your gut goes a long way in terms of filtering what advice should be taken and what should best be left on the side of the road.

@Stanley: You're so welcome and thanks for reading and commenting!

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