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April 04, 2011


Thank you so much for this blog! I really admire you, if my career is anywhere near as successful as yours I will be very happy!

I completely agree that risk is a massive motivational tool. I must admit I do sometimes still dread Sunday nights even though I run my own website, but the drive overpowers that as soon as I wake up on a Monday morning!

Your articles seem to say exactly what I'm thinking!

Thanks again.

I have described Sunday night loathing to my friends and family as the "Lawyer disease". In fact, when a friend became a Judge, he told me the best part was he no longer dreaded Sunday nights. Thanks for the post--we are not alone!

@Cassie: Wow, thanks so much, you made my way. What is your website and how is life as an online entrepreneur treating you?

@Steven: What is it about the law? So many people get into it who later can't wait to get out.

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