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February 06, 2012


As Martin Sheen said in The West Wing, "You don't need to respect the man, but I insist that you respect the office".

Titles can be very important, and it's vital that people are aware of your role within the organisation, and interact with you accordingly.

I do, however, disagree with the convention of referring to ex-politicians and military personnel by their former titles.

Thanks for a thought provoking post.

As a current college student I am fully aware of the attitude you students don't want to work their way up the ladder, but would rather build their own ladder and already be on the top.

I think where the hamartia lies in this situation is that students and young people become disrespectful and entitled.

Entrepreneurship is about being excellent and creating an outlet for passion, it's not about sticking it to "the man."

All the hoop jumping and paying of dues can seem (and often is) trivial, but they are a way to learn to interact with and respect those around you, even when they don't seem to deserve it.

I am completely for entrepreneurship, but not at the price of respect or arrogance.

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