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March 12, 2012


Thanks so much for the interview, Alexandra! Always great to talk with you about careers and job hunting.

@L - my pleasure!

Julie,We can do what you describe and so much more. In the last week I have: 1. Watched a less qiiuafled client land an interview over more qiiuafled applicants. Yeah!2. Helped clients prepare for stress and behavior-based interviews. 3. Helped clients write thank you and follow-up letters after interviews.4. Prepared a client's referees to be interviewed by a client's prospective employer.5. Guided a client through an in-depth values analysis that will serve as a base for setting a new career direction.6. Worked on a handful of resumes.7. Helped a client weigh whether to accept or decline a job offer. I know you provide these services as well. Going it alone on Job Search 2010/11 is really tough. The people who find good guides to work with land in positions that fit them much more often than the people who go it alone. I wish that everyone could afford this resource. Choosing to gift this type of support? Priceless. And memorable. No one ever forgets the people who support them in finding in a job. DonnaDonna Svei aka AvidCareerist recently posted..

Yes, Donna, there are many qualified prslnsoioeafs like you and me. I am busy and my plate is full but every time I read a newspaper article with the issues job seekers face or watch TV, I wonder why the obvious answer is never given. There are compassionate, caring prslnsoioeafs all over the web, on Twitter, on Facebook, and on LinkedIn. The argument can be made that the job seeker can't afford our services and maybe that is true but when I hear, oops, I can't afford you, I have to stretch my unemployment as long as I can, I wonder if they are listening to themselves. Without help, yes, the job search can be very long. With help, it can still take time but your clients and mine are getting interviews and winning new positions.

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