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March 15, 2012


What a brilliant blog! So very true - Watch what you say, and as my Mother always said " Birds of a feather fly together. "
Someone at work VOLUNTEERED what he was making vs. the other temp agency- we were telemarketing - I turned my head for a call - turned my head back to him and stated - I believe in the " Don't ask-Don't tell policy. What I make is between me and my employer. " The fellow knew I was working for the same co. as he was - but was having issues with my pay rate - and was quoted one thing and being paid another. I didn't tell him any details of course, none of his business. I never tell anyone other than my spouse what I am making. Your blog should be an implant in people's brains when they apply anywhere. ( No Joke )

I don't think "not swearing" is great advice for every industry. I work in entertainment, and if you are too clean you're branded as square, unhip to culture, and not a good steward of the firm's mission or the products we create. You're further assumed to be uncreative and left out of important conversations.

I'm not saying this all comes down to swearing -- but authenticity of language that's rooted in the culture of your business is key.

I like to use the phrase 'never e-mail anything that you would be ashamed of viewing owned the lunchroom bulletin board". That seems to cover about 99% of the DOS and don'ts when using e-mail.

@Heather: You are exactly right!

@V: You make an excellent point about authenticity, although I don't know if straight out swearing is ever really appropriate.

@Dinah: Thanks so much, I really appreciate you reading and commenting!

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