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July 26, 2012


Not only can younger employees teach experienced employees about technology--I think they can also help the veterans have a different perception of the way they communicate. While the older employees obviously have more industry knowledge, I think that sometimes translates into convoluted dialogue that could be much more direct. I've sat through meetings that lasted twice as long as they needed to because the older employees were talking themselves in circles with business jargon. It's often part of the culture to have such cumbersome conversations. And it's refreshing to hear new people talk about a topic (even if they're less familiar with it) because they're thinking is uninhibited by previous experience.

I've not heard of this term before so I'm glad that you wrote about it. It is definitely true that less experienced employees can help others.

@Max: Thoughtful addition. I think it falls under the general category of efficiency, which I personally feel is definitely a strength the younger generation brings to the table.

@MommyPage: Thanks for the comment!

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