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September 20, 2012


I think you provided some excellent insight, Alexandra. However, I also think that Anita had a good point--in deciding whether or not to pursue the issue, think about whether the transgression is affecting productivity and your team's ability to complete its mission.

Another good thing to examine is whether the employee is committing the transgression to "stick it to the man" or simply forgot, like the man who forgot to change out of his sneakers. In this case I would be more inclined to simply remind him to change when I noticed the sneakers than to have a sit-down "I'm going to have to mark this in your file" talk.

However, the woman who refuses to subscribe to company updates is definitely affecting the productivity of the department, simply because she doesn't want the inconvenience of a few extra emails.

Overall it depends on the wrong-doing, the intent behind it, and its affect on your team's ability to fulfill its role in the company.

Sweating the small stuff is a crime that most of us are guilty of at some point. And I do use the word 'crime' because it robs us of our most valuable resource - time.

It goes back to the basic principle that we need to invest 80% of our time in our top 20% of people, not the other way around.

Wonderful, thats definitely what I was shooting for! You just saved me alot of looking around

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