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October 13, 2014


Great roundup of tips--it's so easy to be heads down and executing on growing a business, we often forget the importance of strategy, planning and learning.

I love the comment about the importance of seeing the big picture--that was the big learning for me this year. Our team did our first five-year strategy plan which is hard for a professional services business. We're not simply forecasting how many widgets we'll sell by 2020.

Instead, it made us think about the strategic components of the big picture that I honed in my MBA days but are easy to forget now when I am heads down. Things like: how our growth model will evolve, what products and services we want to prioritize and focus on and what we need to learn and do to increase our reputation as thought leaders.

Alexandra's comment about cross-functional experience is key too--it would be so easy to outsource so much of the stuff I don't love (accounting and finance), but staying involved minimizes risk and helps me learn too.

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