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November 11, 2014


Great article and so relevant as my entrepreneurial venture launches in 6 weeks. I am opening a spin studio in my town and self-discipline has been essential. Success hinges on a number of factors, but my resources are finite. So I identify what I believe is the strongest overall driver for long-term success, and I focus my use of time and money to things that advance that goal.

Ultimately, to succeed I must fill saddles, just as a theater company must fill seats. Every morning, as I schedule my time and budget my expenditures, I continuously ask myself "does this (activity/ expense) help fill saddles?" This makes decision making easier for the dozens of choices I am faced with each week.

Two of the most important factors for filling saddles are location and quality of instructors/ride. Many secondary factors contribute, such as marketing, studio design, pricing model and choice of equipment.

Thus, two hours a day are devoted to training on my bike. I invested in a master training program to ensure instructors have a solid skills and the riders' experience is terrific, but I had to pass on pricier interior design elements, like a fancy countertop for my reception desk. The former fills saddles, the latter ... less so.

There are a lot of distractions and temptation out there. I hone my self-discipline by asking myself that simple question each day -- will this truly get the seats filled? Then I stick to the things that really make a difference.

Kristen, these are all great ideas. I especially admire how you are becoming an expert in your "product." This is sure to set your business apart.

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