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December 10, 2014


One of the greatest struggles I face as an entrepreneur is saying no. I believe in hustle and sticktoitiveness, but I think it's gotten me into trouble in the past. I run a passion project, full-time business, enjoy my family and try to balance all of them.

My goal in 2015 is to say no more so I can get more of the high impact work done that helps me grow as a person and a business owner.

I help people with work happiness over at and I have to admit that I don't always take my own advice in the focus department. In 2015 my word will be focus.

Great post Alexandra! I am the owner of a party rental company called Sky High Party Rentals out of Houston, Texas. I’ve been following your blog, and as small business owner have found it useful. This year, I am also jumping on the 10,000 steps a day bandwagon. I find there is plenty of work I can do on a computer for my business with marketing and social media, but that there is also a whole lot more I can do physically by getting my hands dirty. This year I hope to spend 50% of my time in the office, and the other half with getting our processes and productivity up with my workers. Our company has been growing year after year and I also plan to get more workers involved who have shown leadership skills and give them bigger roles so that we can achieve stronger goals. Good luck with the new year!

Karl, thanks for the comment! I have the same goal this year. In fact, I just said no for the first time. I still feel guilty as other people are STILL not picking up the slack, but why should I always be the one to do things? I will stay the course!

Thank you, Robert! Congrats on your growth! Do you mean that you will spend 50% of your time "on the ground?" I think this is a great way to ensure to ensure that things are going in the right direction as you scale up.

It is crazy how many of these things I need to be doing more of. We have 8 employees and sometimes it is like herding cats to get all of on the same page which is my over all vision for our company. The big picture hits home for me the most. We want to create a brand, a brand that company's want to be a part of. If we loose that big picture and just do client service day to day that looses the fun of our agency and makes us like everyone else. That and my addiction to craigslist and ebay sites, i need to block them..... side note, we don't even have a color printer cause we spend so much money on a "fast and efficient" black and white one that no one knows how to use. My employees would love it.

Fritz, I'm addicted to Amazon and the process of thinking about what I need on there. I didn't even realize I was spending so much time on this until you brought up eBay and Craig's List. Thank you!

I am going to raise my prices a bit, so I don't have to take on as many clients, thus giving a better turn around rate. Also, finding ways to streamline my workflow in order to stay on track. Quickbooks is very needed for me right not, to start tracking my expenses.

A big part of my responsibilities is managing and delegating, as is true for many of us business owners. I've always liked to think that I'm pretty good at identifying and communicating tasks, giving people responsibility within projects, and outlining the overall strategic goals to all team members. However, I've noticed recently that I've not been not so good in following up after meetings/goals and strategic decisions that are made. I've observed a significant productivity loss for myself, but especially for that of my team members, by not having proper follow up processes in place within the company.

2015, but even the last weeks of 2014, will all be about improving my own managing skills in regards to proper follow ups. Are goals reached? Are people working together as they should after? Are people working on the goals everyone collectively agreed on? Is there further feedback from people on certain decisions made? This will be my main goal for 2015.

It's going to require a significant investment on my end to achieve this. It's hard for me to not focus the new opportunities but instead check back with everyone to make sure prior strategic goals are interpreted correctly and if all noses are still pointing in the same direction. With so many other things, follow ups often seem redundant, but I feel it's critical for my company to improve our overall productivity. As the CEO of the company, individual focused processes will yield only so much productivity gain. Processes that benefit everyone at the company, however, will yield a significantly higher production increase than I can ever achieve by myself.

My 2 cents :-)

Mathijs, great ideas. I especially like the point about using the end of the year as a time to re-evaluate goals and workflow. Everything tends to slow down during this time, but it's actually a good time to focus more than ever. Thanks for reading!

Jamilla, yes! I think sometimes as women business owners, we hesitate to raise our prices. And by the way, I'm doing the same in 2015 on advice from one of my mentors.

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